Family member found years later

Our family, from Idaho, paid for our grandparents (accompanied by their son-my uncle) to fly to Honolulu, Hawaii for a vacation in the mid 1980's. While visiting the tourist spot Pearl Harbor, A picture was taken of my grandparents near the "USS Arizona" memorial. The picture was put in an album and never saw the light of day... Until. Flash forward to 2010, my cousin was talking to her new husband about Honolulu, Hawaii and he mentioned that he's been there when he was a kid. In the mid 1980's. They talked about time frames and both determined that he was there at the same time as our grandparents. Just out of curiosity my cousin pulled out the photo album (Her dad is my uncle and he was the one to take the picture) and found a bunch of photos of their trip, but the photo of my grandparents at the USS Arizona Memorial showed a few people behind them....and yup. There's my cousin's husband in the back ground about 17 years old at the time. Too weird and wonderful!
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