Facebook Faux Pas

I was on Facebook today and was scrolling down my feed and noticed a video stating that yesterday was 'National Debbie Day'. I decided to share with a former coworker whom is a Facebook friend. I rarely communicate with her but always thought she was a nice person. Thinking I was making a nice gesture, I wrote "Sorry, a day late, but never too late to celebrate!" As I was posting my message it occurred to me that her husband had passed away last winter and she might be mourning a death anniversary and not be in the mood to receive such a message. However, I did not anticipate that her husband had passed away exactly a year and a day ago. As I scrolled down my Facebook feed the very next post was one she had posted yesterday saying that she felt shattered by the loss of her husband; her best friend who had passed away on that day. I quickly deleted my post...certainly she would not be in the mood to celebrate. I wonder if some Facebook algorithm was involved with the proximity of 'The National Debbie Day post and her own post. I also haven't had much contact with Debbie and the last thing I remember was reading about her husband passing away. I guess it would not be surprising that it would be on my mind. It still felt a little freaky!
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Date submitted:Sat, 10 Feb 2018 22:36:39 +0000Coincidence ID:9857