Extraordinary Intercontinental Family Intergenerational Collision

Upon graduating from Cambridge in June 1961 I pursued an International Business Career objective of living and working in South America, becoming a trainee with Balfour Williamson in the City, transferring to their subsidiary SACAE in Guayaquil, Ecuador in March 1962. Upon my arrival I was introduced to the English Managing Director of SACAE, whiose name was John W. The first personal question he asked me following the initial business discussions, related to my Mother' name! He wanted to know if I was in any way related to a Phyllis D who had married a Stuart H in 1935, since my surname was H? I was amazed for amongst other personal matters, my wish for a career far removed from the UK geographically was to create a life for myself and my young wife in an entirely NEW environment unfettered by any contacts or relationships! It turned out that John W married a Joan B also in 1935. Joan B being the 1st Cousin of my Mother Phyllis D whose father Harold D (my grandfather) had a sister who had married a John B hence their daughter Joan B who thus was my 2nd Cousin as well as the Wife of my Managing Director John W! I had no knowledge of these matters so consulted my Mother by letter from South America who similarly was amazed since the last that had been heard of John W and his wife Joan (B) W was at the time of their marriages in 1935. John W and his wife leaving the UK in 1935 to work in the USA. ALL contact was lost! To cap it all, I found myself living in 1962 next door to the daughter of John W & Joan (B) W in Guayaquil, Ecuador, who was thus my 3rd Cousin, who had a child, who was therefore my 4th Cousin! Similarly, my wife and I also had produced a son in April 1962, so equally the line of cousins on either side of an entirely far removed relationship were in situ! Needless to say at the end of my 2 year Contract in Ecuador in 1964, my wife and I left post haste for the UK and relocated to another part of the world to recommence our objective in 1962 a NEW life entirely removed from family contacts or relationship! We never heard nor saw any more of these unlooked for family associations! Quite unique coincidence though it all was!
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