Everything Comes in Perfect Timing

So my coincidence is more like a series. It is January of 2019 scattered with synchronicity after another all centered around this one person. I met this guy over the summer, moved away, moved back and he was dating someone. Then we reconnected at the beginning of January through a mutual friend who I met 5 years ago at a hostel and was back in nola visiting his partner who just moved here. This guy was roommates with my friends partner...so we reconnected and found out that he was going to be at a tree planting my nonprofit was organizing two days later. Great so saw him at the planting. Next coincidence comes in going to a concert. I wasn't going to go to this show and last minute my friend invites me. I hadn't been texting this guy all week then while I was already at this show he texts me "sorry I've been so busy this week, we should meet up soon but I can't talk now I'm at this show at tips (i.e. the place I am)". So right, we happen to be at the same concert. Also in relation to music, so at the tree planting (1/5) I mentioned this band that my friends are in and that they play in Algiers sometimes and that I thought he would really like them. So a couple weeks later, maybe 1/17?, they are having a show so I message him about it kind of last minute and he just so happens to be helping his coworker with construction just a couple blocks away from where this show is happening, so of course he comes along with. Ok, also random but the new house I moved into is 4 blocks from the urban garden that he manages. Then so also recently I found out that my favorite restaurant in New Orleans is managed by someone who he knows quite well. He also used to live with someone my current roommate used to date. We also tend to run into people coincidently when we are together--his ex girlfriend, my coworker.... Then yesterday (February 14th), after I have been struggling to get my office door open for a good minute he somehow pops up around the corner because he is having a meeting in the building right next door to where I work...and I just happen to be entering my office at the same time he is looking for his meeting. I'm sure that I am missing a couple coincidences but it has just been a crazy month of these synchronicities in relation to this boy. And of course a lot of this is because New Orleans social circles can be small and tight-nit but I've just been blown away by the random occurrences that keep happening.
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