Engraving in the door

It was 2007 in Christchurch, New Zealand and I had recently moved into a new share-house. I was in bed one night before I turned off the lights and noticed an engraving in the door, which had been covered with brown paint. I got out of bed and started towards the door. I ran my hands over the words "I HATE MY LIFE" in capital letters. After that night, I often imagined who did that, a child? What was their life like? I was 18 at the time and had met a girl at a party, a few weeks later she'd agreed to come over for drinks. I gave her my address and she immediately said, "WEIRD, THAT WAS MY FAMILY HOME". When she approached the house she asked if she could look around, and how strange it was years later to re-visit. She walked up the stairs and straight into my bed room, I followed after her. She closed the door and ran her hands over the engraving and said "Haha it's still here". I couldn't believe it, it was her. Same house, same room....
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