Engagement Party Coat Check Coincidence

My partner and I were hosting an engagement party for close friends and family, a total of about 60 people had arrived. It was hosted at my partner's Aunt's house in Hamilton Ontario, and her teenage cousin was put to work and in charge of taking coats, and this was a pretty important task, since it was December and our guests were dressed accordingly. The party was a hit by the way. At the end of the night, I decided to go out for some post party drinks and words of advice with a couple of my friends from Ottawa. So we donned our coats and set off for the bar, where I listened to my one friend (married three years at the time) patronizingly passed down nuggets of marriage wisdom. He went on for two hours, until closing time. We went for chicken with white sauce after (Hamilton late night special) and then parted ways. He never took his coat off once. A few days later, got a message from him saying he had somehow taken the wrong coat from the party. After some calls were placed, we found out that one of my partner's grandmother's friends (who was in their 80s and about 6 inches shorter than my friend) had somehow taken the wrong coat. Despite the difference in physical dimensions of the men, the two coats bore somewhat of a resemblance in size and make. Neither individual had noticed for at least three days. Here's a guy who is claiming to be so enlightened about the intricacies in marriage, and he only realizes he has the wrong coat a few days later, I'm told, after his mom points it out to him. Anyhow, both men to whom the coats belonged were named Tom, so there's that.
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