Eerily bizarre unlikely place meet... twice !

I am from a small town in a small country in Central America, which many people get surprised and often tell me you are the first one for you country Ive ever met ! So imagine me running to catch a metro in Barcelona, Spain when suddenly I saw a friend with his family in the same metro station!! it was so awkward and I was in a hurry that we just said Hi waooo crazy meeting you here exactly same metro station in Barcelona hahahahhaa and I left, but later I was thinking waooo that was a crazy coincidence we should maybe asked each other to go for a drink or eat something, but well it was so fast that not time to react. But imagine few years later, without seen each other ( me leaving in a different country and with not contact at all for long time ).... Then I got some days off in my job and last minute plan I decided to travel for the first time to Egypt to visit the piramids, last minute book hotel, tickets, etc.... How crazy awkward is that after finally get to my room, refreshed and ready to go out, walking to the hotel restaurant the same friend we met in the metro in Spain is in the exact Hotel than me, in Cairo, Egypt !!! Crazy coincidence!! That day we have a little more time to talk about it and catch up about our lives and take some selfies, we talk about our last time we met in Spain... by coincidence now, he was the one in a hurry, he was leaving very soon the country so practically again we only have a few time to talk and for just a brief moment. We didnt talk for a long time so I am expecting I will meet again in another same awkward situation. Actually some more coincidences between me and him, since how we meet to some other facts but that is too long to write here. Thanks for reading Happy Coincidences!!!
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