eerie coincidence in meeting my wife.......

One day over 25 years ago at lunch meeting while speaking with my office manager, she asked me what sort of woman I pictured when I thought about what my "perfect wife" would look like. I was single at the time and hadn't dated for a long time after a disastrous previous marriage. I described a very specific person with blue eyes, and a light, freckly complexion and long strawberry blonde hair. Also, a beautiful smile. I also described her as petite, maybe a size 2, slim, and intelligent, with a college degree or higher, and maybe someone who worked in the same field that I was in or something similar. I told her that I had never known or met anyone that fit the description, but that was what I often thought of when I thought of the most beautiful and perfect woman to meet. Two days future wife walked into my office (no appointment...unannounced...) and started discussing a new computer office system with my office manager that she was selling at that time. I thought I knew her voice when I heard her talking. I stood up from my chair in my personal office and stepped out into the hallway to see who my office manager was speaking with that sounded "familiar." There stood my 5 foot 2, very slim and fit, size 2, blue-eyed, fair (with a few freckles) future wife with a huge beautiful smile and long strawberry blonde hair. Oh...and she had an advanced degree in the SAME field of study that I was in. She had a college degree and was trained as a computer technician and software trainer for a company that sold the exact sort of software that I needed for my business at the time. We immediately looked each other in the eyes (lightning bolts!) and I asked her out for a date that night. (my first date in a long time.....) She did not leave town for another week because we simply couldn't part with one another. Within a few weeks we were living together and married soon thereafter, and have been happily married almost 25 years!
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