Duran Duran Concert

I was a late 30’s wife and mother who just moved to a new city. My husband and I became friendly with a couple down the street. The husband - “Chip” and I were both from a small city about 3 hours away. One evening we were hanging out with them talking about a high school. I mentioned I had passed on seeing the Police in concert but somehow made it to Duran Duran in our city in the early 80’s. His wife laughed and said “please don’t bring up that concert - it was one of the worst nights of his life!” Of course I asked why and he proceeded to tell a story where a very drunk girl threw up all over his back during the concert. He went on about how he had to throw away his brand new Izod shirt and buy a concert T-shirt. I sat there quietly and asked if he remembered where he sat in the arena. It took a few minutes before I could admit that I was the drunk girl - I had never had a beer in my life and when the Pizza Hut waitress offered, my friends and I had ordered a pitcher of beer. Clearly it didn’t sit well with me! I love coincidence stories too and have gotten a lot of mileage out of this one (only with select audiences!)
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