Down the Nile

We went on holiday to Egypt for a cruise up the Nile (just two weeks before the revolution!), and while we were in the luggage collection point, someone waved at me. I thought he must be waving at someone behind me (I didn't have my glasses on!). But no, he did mean me, and came over - I didn't recognise him immediately, out of context, but the penny dropped - we had met him and his wife two years before on a holiday in Crete, enjoyed each other's company and had met once or twice back home. We chatted, we were both doing a Nile cruise, different boats, so we shook hands and said 'Enjoy your trip' to each other, and parted company. We got to the boat, found our cabin, unpacked, then went down to dinner. Imagine our amazement when we saw our friends coming down the stairs! They had been transferred to our boat, as it was the middle of the heavy snow in 2010, and several planes had failed to arrive, snowbound in Manchester and Gatwick, so everyone on their boat had been shuffled about.
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