Doubly Fatal

Yet another coincidence I noted between real life and tv today.<br /> Currently there is an advert running on tv referring to how unique the '3.5 billion women' are on our planet.<br /> I remarked to my other that she had once mentioned how someone she knew had seen someone in Geneva who was a doppleganger for my other. It is perhaps a common notion that everyone has one or more lookalikes, but the subject itself, I imagine doesn't really crop up more than once in any day.<br /> This evening I took to watching a very old b&w film as I had run out of late programmes to watch.<br /> The film FATAL HOUR features a Detective Wong (Boris Karloff) and a Captain Street who is shocked at the death of a friend 'Dan Grady'.<br /> During interviewing those people involved with the presumed murder, the Captain is told that Dan was seen walking about, by a witness, whilst the body should have been on a slab in the mortuary.<br /> The witness insists that the man he sees in a newspaper photo of the 'dead man' is the same man he saw walking about recently.<br /> The Captain tells him it cannot be as he is dead.<br /> The witness then says 'Perhaps it was his double,they say everyone has one'. </p> <p>
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