Doing good in the world and winning the lottery

Anyone else ever experience lots of mind-blowing synchronicity for an extended period of time? Twice in my life it has happened for at least three straight months. It always happens when I'm feeling amazing and being true to myself. When abandon all the rules and just do whatever I feel is just, right and loving. And usually it happens while I'm falling in love with a girl. But it's almost like I am led to the girl through the coincidences. It's very strange and it's such an interesting thing to talk about. There's just too much to say about it, it would be like a book if I were to remember it all. Here's one though. My grandmom's name was Margaret. My lucky number is 711 (a psychic told me). My grandmom was always trying to win the lottery and never could, up until she died. She wanted to give her grandkids the money. One night, I was helping a friend (a girl) who was in a bad situation with her ex and family and she needed someone. She called me crying, of which both of those things are not like her at all. So I left my job to go get her. She was really drunk and falling over when I got there. I took her in my car and tried to cheer her up. Put some music on that she liked. I went to the grocery store and got snacks and water for her. While I was in there I also grabbed two \$10 lottery tickets. I've known this girl for a while and she has it rough, so I figured she deserved a good night. I took her to the Holiday Inn down the road. Left her in the car and walked in, got the room which was \$160. Checking in there is just a completely empty desk with nothing on it but a stack of papers and it's dead quiet. Just me and the front desk guy. I look at the paper on top of the stack and it had an address.... 8711 Margaret Ln. I immediately knew I was going to win the lottery. Also considering these types of coincidences had been going on for a while now, but this one was so big and direct, I just knew I was going to win. We get into the hotel room and I tell the girl "Watch this"... haha. Scratch them both off and win \$110. The next day I took her home and she thanked me for weeks for just being there for her. It was just a beautiful instance of love and karma and synchronicity. It blew my freaking mind.
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