Dog Friends

We own two dogs, both West Highland Terriers, one called Maggie the other Vanilla. I made friends with someone on our street who also owned a (at that time 6 month old) Westie - coincidentally called Maggie. Little Maggie and Vanilla grew up (although not much as both are small for the breed) and were the best of friends. Sadly my friend, Kasey, moved back to San Francisco taking little Maggie with her and our long dog walks ceased. Six months later Kasey's sister came to London and wanted to visit Portobello where we live. Whilst visiting Portobello market she was amazed to see two small dogs looking so like little Maggie that she took a photo of the dogs and the lower half of a human body with her iphone and emailed it to Kasey. 6 hours after taking that photo it arrived in my Inbox with an enormously affectionate note from Kasey thrilled to see that Maggie, Vanilla and I still shop in Portobello and that my two little dog friends looked so happy. I know exactly where I was standing when that photo was taken and can even remember the conversation I was having with the flower seller! I have dined out on this story - I love it that coincidences don't just happen to humans!
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