DIY Tool

A couple of weeks ago I started doing some DIY - building some walls using plaster board fixed to a metal framework. I'd been told that I needed to get a special tool to crimp the sections of metal frame together so I looked on the internet for it. I live in France so was searching in French but didn't know the correct name of the tool and had a stab at various word combinations and eventually came up with pince à expansion; From the picture of the tool it was clear that it wasn't the one I needed although it said it was for plaster board. I'd never seen this tool before and couldn't work out how it might work ( I eventually found the right tool by trawling through the shelves at the local Brico-Depot). As I was looking at the webpage our doorbell rang. It was a friend from a few doors away, Jean-Louis, who wanted to borrow something. My French isn't great and his English about the same so there was a lot of umminng and erring and gesticulating and eventually he demonstrated using what in English would be a cavity wall anchor plug that he needed the tool to pull the bolt out causing the plug to expand behind the plasterboard. The exact tool that I had just been looking at online.
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