Distant airport Duty Free

Returning from a Honeymoon in Bali the flight stopped off at Abu Dabi airport to refuel. My wife and I decided to leave the plane and have a quick look around the duty free shops in the terminal. I went to one shop and was standing at the electronics counter when I recognised a voice next to me. The person was a work colleague who was on his way back from a holiday in Australia but had missed the flight he was supposed to be on and ended up on a different flight that meant he had to change planes at Abi Dabi.
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Two coincidences to report on the subject of car registrations. Firstly, I used to have a car registration B460XFC and when I came to buy a new (used) car I saw one at a dealership and went along for a test drive. I liked the car and decided to buy it and trade in my old car. Onl then did I realise the new car's reg was K960XFC, very similar. Secondly, the other night I was looking to see what the value of my wife's car is these days. Her car is a Renault Modus, reg number NV4RYB. I searched on Auto Trader and the first car that came up was another Renault Modus, reg number NV54RYA.