Date of my sons birth and ancestry

My first child was due April 30th 1978. A few months before my brother was altering the date on his new watch. The date got stuck on April 4th and would not turn past it. He said to me “I bet you go into labour on the 4th!” Although my son was actually born only 2 hours into the 5th of April my 22 hour labour had actually started at 4am on the 4th of April 1978. During the past couple of years it has been coincidences and an 'encounter' that have helped me to find hundreds of family members in my tree, even in the last 7 days after a conversation I had last Friday. Then I heard your call for stories today on the radio followed by someone else explaining how Mormons are encouraged to research genealogy to find faith. I actually did that even though I am not Mormon. When I started to record the coincidences while finding my ancestry, complete with what they led to and how important it became, it turned into a 4 page essay and so it might become part of a book in the future that I have wanted to write for years!
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