For the 2017/2018 New Years, I decided to book a 4 day cruise on Carnival Inspiration leaving out of Long Beach, CA. Had a wonderful time and then returned to my home in the Las Vegas area (Henderson, NV) afterwards. About 250 miles away from Long Beach. </p> <p>On 1/6/18, I decided to play table games at the M Resort in Henderson and was playing a Texas Holdem table game. This is against the house and known as a "carnival" game. The dealer was killing us and all the other players had walked off. I was leaving and mentioned the cruise to the dealer who was interested in what that was like. I showed him pictures of the cruise party. At that moment, the pit boss, a nice British lady, walked by and noticed the pictures. She inquired what we were looking at. I explained and then she surprised me by saying that she had worked previously on that exact same cruise ship. What are the odds? </p> <p>Out of the blue, the dealer then said that I should try my luck at the next table playing a variation of black jack where you can play a side bet and receive tokens that translates into various payouts depending on how many tokens you accumulate in a hand. This is based on double downs and pairs dealt to you in one hand and is called Free Bet Black Jack. For instance, if you get a pair of 8's you would split them and receive token. If you get another pair of 8's, you again split them and get another token. So I played for a few minutes and then was incredibly lucky and received 5 tokens that payed out 100 to 1 on my side bet. The dealer stated he had never seen anyone get 5 tokens before, ever. The same British pit boss came and approved my pay out of 500.00 for my 5 dollar side bet. I consider this a nice case of fortuitous serendipity.
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