As a student, I booked into the Youth Hostel at Kolding, in Denmark, late one afternoon. There were no other hostelers there, so I checked in, and flipped back through the diary they kept for comments - the day before, two friends of mine from Brittany whom I had got to know when they were students in Wales had signed in for one night, and had a strongly worded entry about how Brittany was NOT France! Later, a Swiss student arrived, and it turned out that he knew a pen-pal of mine who lived on Fair Isle. Later, an Ethiopian student arrived - he was on a trip anti-clockwise around the Baltic. We were all flabbergasted when later that evening, another Ethiopian student arrived. This fellow was from the same village as the other, and was also doing a round the Baltic trip, but clockwise. Neither knew the other was in Europe. This must have made Kolding the crossroads of the world, not just of Denmark!
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