Creepy screen

I worked as a translator for a small Welsh export company who had dealings with Germany, and helped in negotiations to set up a partnership with a company in Germany. This business cooperation collapsed when the Welsh company discovered that the German firm was having their material copied cheaply in Romania. Time passed, the Export Manager I had worked with moved off to pastures new, but the company decided to give it a second try, and got me to translate the history of their activities in Germany for their new partners. I was typing the name of the previous German partner company's Managing Director on the screen when the phone rang. It was the previous Export Manager, whom I hadn't heard from for some time, and was now working far away. "Guess what?" he said. "I've just got back from a trade fair in Munich, and I heard that old Herr...... has just died." He wouldn't believe that the last word typed onto my screen was the dead man's name.
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