connection with a stranger

I'd decided to join an Alpha course ( to explore Christianity ), and went alone to the church hall at Beverley Minster - totally unfamiliar to me. I was late and apprehensive at the prospect of joining complete strangers for a meal, which is how the course starts. The smallish room crowded with people sitting at tables with no familiar face and no vacant seat in sight! An organiser made space for me at a nearby table where the people seated seemed to know each other. It was difficult not to want to run away. During pleasantries, a man to my left asked had I lived in East Yorks all my life and I explained we had moved around, having lived in Manchester. Wakefield, Bradford and latterly Halifax area before Scarborough and then East Yorks. He said he'd an Aunt in Halifax and struggled to remember the name of the district though described the 'moor', a large area of grass called Saville Park. Belle Hall was the street his Aunt lived in. I knew it well. He went on to say his Aunt used to have carers in to look after her mother. I knew both the Aunt and her mother very well. I was one of the people that used to go in and care for her. A few months later, my youngest daughter and I went for a pub lunch at a village - not a usual haunt at all being 10 miles away. There, totally unexpextedly, I bumped into the Aunt - after 15 years!
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