A communication?

I was emptying coins out of a money box onto a table. At the same time thoughts of my Dad (who had passed away 25 years earlier) entered my head. One of the coins (a penny) dropped off the table, landed on it's side, then rolled all the way round the table & landed at my feet. My Dad used to like a bet on the horses so I looked to see if there was a horse running with a name that might mean something. There was one called "Bygone Coin". It was a complete oursider but I put a bet on it & it came in third. I didn't win much money at all but the day the coin rolled off the table was the day my Dad had his heart attack & the day of the race was the day he passed away.
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Date submitted:Wed, 14 Jul 2021 21:17:44 +0000Coincidence ID:11401