Common Home Owners Meet

Our Coincidence Story: In 2017, two couples who had never met were on a flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles with the Big Island as their ultimate destination. The four individuals were seated together in a 3-seat row with one across the aisle. During the flight, we talked about our experiences living in Minnesota and some of our travels. Before landing in Los Angeles, Susan and Gene exchanged emails and names so Gene could share a story he had written about the geological history of the Big Island. Susan seemed to recall Gene's name from living at 1715 Lindig St. and asked Gene if he had previously lived at that address. When he said "yes," Susan said "Wow, we lived in the same house!" Gene and his spouse built and lived in the house between 1969 and 1984. Susan and her spouse were the second buyers of the home in 1991 and sold it in 2002, and the original harvest gold kitchen stove was still operating after 33 years! So we not only lived in the same house, but we used the same stove years apart! We doubt that they are made to last that long anymore! </p> <p>The four of us were stunned to learn that as total strangers from a metropolitan area of 2.6 million people we came together in the same row of seats on a connecting flight AND learned that we had last lived in the same house 15 and 33 years previously! The probability of this happening through such a chance meeting must be very low and unusual. This is our coincidence story that we will never forget!<br /> Former Homeowners of Same House & Stove
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