Coincidence or is it already written in my stars???

I was 5 years old when my parents divorce was finalized. My father remarried shortly thereafter as his mistress was pregnant with my new baby brother. Young and clueless as to the details and heartache my mother had endured and kept hidden from my older brother, older sister and I , we anxiously awaited the day to come, this day that we were to meet our new additional family. Lori, our step mother had two children at this time. Jennifer and Jason Belair. My Dad did not marry her until two years later so she kept her name as Lori Belair until 1988. Their divorce was finalized in 1992. The memories of these years are prominent to my childhood. To this day I still remain in contact with my once step siblings. My mother remarried in 1993 only to divorce in 1999. She married once again in 2002 to who is now my step dad. I gained three new step siblings through this marriage. Their names are Lori, Jason, and Jennifer Belair. This is a coincidence that I try to make sense of but cannot. If this was the only name coincidence in my life I could probably recognize it as simply that but it is not. My children's father has an older sister named Michelle Lee, born July 7 1978. I also have an older sister named Michelle Lee, born July 7 1978. These are just a couple examples as I experience synchronicity often in my life. As I research and find interesting information on reincarnation, twin flames, soul mates, and such, I can't seem to find any detailed information or even theory and/ or opinion that relate to my occurances. Thanks for reading.....
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