Coincidence or Coincidence?

Coincidence or Coincidence??? • When I met him he was dating a girl named Christine, whom he called by the nickname Chris. • He dumped Chris to be with me. By the way, my nickname is Jenny and his name is Daniel. • Daniel’s mum’s name was also Jenny, whose husband was married to a woman named Christine before they got together. Daniel's grandmother was Jenny and her grandad was Frederick. My brother's name is Frederick. • Anyway, Daniel and I got together but 11 years later got separated because he hooked up with another woman named Kris, whose nickname is K. • During that time I met a guy named Roy. However, I didn’t let what we shared go beyond friendship because Roy at that time was seeing someone named Janelle. • Oh by the way, my nickname in college was Jenelle. • It turned out Janelle’s birthday is August 17. Guess what? Daniel’s birthday is August 17, 1977. • Anyway, going back to K…her mom’s name is Rose. My mom’s name is Rose. • I studied elementary in Dominican College. K studied in the exact same school when she was in high school. • K lost her first baby a few days after the baby was born. I also lost my first baby a few days after the baby was born. • I wanted to be a fashion designer. K did some fashion designing on her free time. • What more, K told me that when she was little she had a cat named Dana. My daughter’s name is Dana. • Anyway, I am now with Randy, whose birthday is exactly the same as my best friend’s birthday – same month, day and year (January 15, 1973). Her best friend’s name is Peter. Peter knows a bunch of Randys in his life. Peter has a nephew named Carl GABRIEL and a niece named SOFIA. Jenny’s kids are named Dana SOPHIA and Tristen GABRIEL. • Randy was born in Cincinnati, Ohio – the place where I was sent by my dad to attend a seminar in US in 2002. • Randy’s ex-brother-in-law’s name is Daniel Underwood. Jenny’s ex hubby’s name is Daniel Isherwood. Randy’s ex-wife is named Angelia or Angie. My sister is called “Angie” by some people ‘cause her name is Angelica. Randy also has a half-brother named Chase. I have a nephew named Chase. Randy’s brother is Reen, my sister's another nickname is Ringle. • Now one of Jenny’s closest friends, also Randy’s friend, has Daniel as his middle name. This guy’s birthdate is August 17, 1977. Remember, my ex hubby was Daniel and his birthdate is August 17, 1977? • Recently, my kids and I became friends with a boy going to the same school as my kids', who also happened to live in our village. It turned out his mom’s birthday is October 16. My birthday on my birth certificate is October 16! And while I was teasing my daughter that if she had a crush on the boy and in the future if they end up together to use the names I planned for my future kids way back in high school (even before I knew I was gonna marry someone with D as initial) which I never really got to use except for “Dana”, (the names were Dana Jessica and Daryl Janssen) my daughter told me surprisingly that the boy’s best friend in school is named Jansen. I love that I am meeting these people in this lifetime with the belief that they are my soul connections. It can be kinda freaky when I think about it…but at least I am experiencing something a lot of people don’t get to experience.
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