A Coincidence Found Out About 20 Years Later

When I was 8 or 9 (I'm 35 now) my dad had a co-worker with a name I somehow remember to this day... It wasn't that unique, but not "Jones" or "Smith".. we'll call him Bob Peppertable.. Although Bob probably played an insignificant role in my dad's life, I remember him as being one of the 20 or 30 people that you know when you're 7... Bob died when I was maybe 12. I remember my dad going to the funeral. Fast forward to middle school in a different town, a few hundred miles and two states) apart. I had a friend name Jason peppertable. For whatever reason, I never put the two together. I remember Jason because he was kind of a bad kid.. Didn't seem to care about the consequences of getting in trouble. Anyway.. Jason was just someone I knew for a year and two and wandered off. Now, fast forward tot he present day.. With google. For some reason it clicked that both Bob and Jason shared the same last name. I plugged in "bob peppertable" and located his grave and family tree on findagrave.com.. I then searched for Jason peppertable, found the right guy (thanks to arrest records and mugshots..Some people never change) and found an obituary for his dad, and a find a grave link.. Jason's dad was Bob's brother,, meaning Bob was Jason's uncle.. It's an odd feeling. My dad is dead for years, Bob is dead, for years, I haven't spoken with Jason in years and wouldn't really want to.. So there's no one to share this (whatever it is) with. It's kind of lonely feeling. Anyway, that's my odd coniendicen
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