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This is going to sound like a bad joke, but the fact is that I got pointed to this web-page twice independently in an hour after never having heard of it before. (In order to understand the anecdote below it might be worth noting that I am a fairly new academic in the field of statistics. So perhaps the really surprising thing is that I hadn't heard of David Spiegelhalter before this sequence of events took place.) First I was having a chat with a colleague about a very strange data set that had come out of an experiment I had been carrying out for a while (which I will post as a separate coincidence), and she suggested have a look at David Spiegelhalter's work, and his web-page for reporting coincidences. So I went and had a look at the web-page before going to a catch up with a different colleague where we ended up talking communicating comprehension of probability, and he suggested I should look up a guy called David Spiegelhalter who has a web-page where people can report coincidences.
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