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was produced by the Winton programme for the public understanding of risk based in the Statistical Laboratory in the University of Cambridge. The aim was to help improve the way that uncertainty and risk are discussed in society, and show how probability and statistics can be both useful and entertaining.

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I started talking to a guy on a dating site called OkCupid in December 2020. I immediately felt he was different than any other guy I’d ever talked to online or in real life, and that’s saying something considering in December 2020 I was 28 and had spent the last 12 years dating and never finding one solid long-term relationship. Turns out we went to the same college and were in the same major except he was a grad student and I was an undergrad. I asked this guy if he wanted to meet in person and he said not until the vaccine came out (it wasn’t known when the vaccine would come out to the public at that time). I continued talking to him until early January when I got fed up with him waiting for the vaccine that might be far off for the public for all I knew at that point. In late January 2021 the spring 2021 semester began online and I logged onto my Wednesday class to see none other than this guy as one of the students (it was a class that both grad and undergrad students could take). I thought this was a sign that I should get back in contact with him, so I texted him saying it was cool we happened to have a class together. Still, he didn’t want to meet yet because the vaccine wasn’t yet being offered to the public. In early February I had it and told him he was leading me on and didn’t ever want to meet and was using covid as an excuse not to meet. He got mad at me for calling him a liar and refused to talk to me again. I saw him in my online class every week but it wasn’t awkward since we weren’t in person. Fast forward to April and I post a question on our college’s subreddit and get an answer (the only answer) from him. I knew it was him because his username was the same as it was on the discord chat for our class. He didn’t know he’d responded to my question. Even more interesting was that he hadn’t responded to any other reddit questions except mine in three years and had never responded to or posted in our college’s subreddit. I was the first answer he gave to a reddit question in 3 years. I have since wondered what compelled him to answer my question since he hadn’t answered anything in 3 years and seemed to be inactive on reddit for the most part. In August when the fall semester began so did the school clubs. I remember he had told me he was in the improv comedy club at our college in the first Okcupid message we’d ever exchanged. That Saturday I went running at this park across from the college that I’d always wanted to run at but never had. Turns out the improv comedy club has Saturday practice at the park. I saw him and he looked away. He probably thought I was stalking him. Unfortunately he still won’t talk to me. I’m convinced the universe is trying to push us together and he’s just being stubborn and not giving me a chance.
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