Chills/goosebumps experienced by two people at the same time in a conversation

My friend and I were having this conversation about life and our new found faith in spirituality and were pretty excited about how we had connected so well even though we just met a few months back. We'd just finished breakfast and crossed the road, while doing that my friend saw a car number 1212 and showed me. Now we've both been seeing synchronicities (repeating numbers) recently and the seen the spiritual meaning of those numbers actually be a 100% on point in our lives, some more sooner than others. 1212 of course means a new chapter of your life is about to start and this is your magic chapter and so on... Well we walked a few steps more on crossing the road and reached my car and got into an intense conversation about all things and how life works out when you stay connected and don't let fear rule your world. And at this random moment, I don't quite remember what we spoke about but we both felt these goosebumps appear at the same time and we like like woahhh what is going on but as those goosebumps passed something just felt right. I was quite sleepy and wanted to go home and get a nap because I hadn't gotten my 8 hours the previous night, but after getting home I just couldn't sleep and the whole day went on and I had the energy to last me the entire day up until pretty late in the night for deep conversations, a fun date night with my boyfriend and a little me time before bed and I had this crazy energy and I wasn't at all exhausted. I don't know what it was but it just felt so good.
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