Chance meeting in North Yorkshire

In winter 1998 my boyfriend and I were invited to a 30th birthday weekend in North Yorkshire. Around 25 people were accomodated in a secluded camping barn. On the first night we all walked up a dirt track and along an unlit road to the nearest pub. We were living in Birmingham at the time. Also in 1998 my brother began his undergraduate studies in Newcastle. Although we were close we had not been in touch with other for a couple of months. It was before we had mobile phones and we were lazy with letters. Back to the pub in North Yorkshire. We were having a great time. When it was my turn to get the drinks I stood at the bar awaiting my turn and happened to look through the back of the bar to the lounge at the other side of the pub. I saw my brother standing there waiting to buy a drink. I did a quadruple take! He had joined the university walking club and was staying in a youth hostel nearby. Neither my brother or I had a clue that we would both be in North Yorkshire that weekend, let alone stumbling up a remote lane to the same pub. The only pub for miles around.
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