chance meeting of close UK work colleague in New Zealand

Day before husband & I left for campervan tour of New Zealand, I ran a meeting (at Glos Hosp, UK) which was chaired by a senior nurse I had known for many yrs. We laughed when both of us said we were going to NZ (she 2 wks;me 3wks); Megan and I didn't discuss itinerary except I was mainly sightseeing S.Island and she only in N.Island. Adrian & I spent more time than planned in S.Island but I v.much wanted to see Napier (Art Deco town on N.Island) so we detoured there for few hrs en-route to Auckland to fly home next day. We parked, paddled in sea then walked into town to admire buildings - suddenly I heard a call "Ann" but couldn't be for me so kept walking, then a car reversed back and it was Megan ! She and husband were visiting his parent's house many miles away & Mother said "go out for the day we'll look after the children". Megan & husband never been to Napier before - "some where different to go". We took picture and went on our way amazed.
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