Chance meeting 48/84.

In 1984 I met a person that I had met previously in 1948. We originally met when our parents moved to newly built homes at Honicknowle, Plymouth, Devon, in September 1948, we were both 11 years old and thus both had to join the local Secondary Modern school, we became friends, but only for a very short time, because Stanley Swain had passed a test which enabled him to go to grammar school, his parents then moved home to be nearer to his school; They had lived at No 11 Harewood Crescent whilst I had lived with my family had lived at No 29. In 1978 after a whole life time of moves etc I went to work in the Sultanate of Oman, my job was in the south at a place called Thumrait, I was moved from there in March of 1984 to the North of the country, an area known as Muaskar al Murtafa, another friend that I had met in the south was also being transferred by his Company a few days later, his name was Dennis Chivers, he also came from Plymouth, I had not known him previously. The day after he was transferred I took him with me to the beach club at Muscat so that he could join; We dealt with the formalities of getting him a pass and drinks tickets etc, then were about to exit via a door when the manager told us that we could use the office exit into the bar area, as we exited through that door I saw a person that I recognised and I said to Dennis,"This chap also comes from Plymouth", Stan asked me how I knew that and I told him that I recognised him, it took a few minutes for me to recall his name and all I could recall was Swain, a few more details and he knew that I was right, he did not however recognise me despite remembering the lorry that my Father drove and parked in the lay-by near our houses. We had never met at any time in the years between, I had served in the Royal Air Force and he had been in the British Army, at the time in Question he was serving in the Sultan of Omans Army as an officer and I was a civilian employee on a Sultanate of Oman Air Force MOD contract being operated by (Airworks Ltd) a U K company. My name is Robert Greig.
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