chance meeting

My friends and I went to Toronto for spring break because it’s much cheaper than going somewhere warm. While we were there, we ran into 2 other students who also attend our university who were also there on break. We already knew these 2 from school, so we decided to meet back up and go out to the bars on a Monday night. Obviously, bar crawling on a Monday night is kind of pointless. Most places are entirely empty if not closed by 8pm. So, it’s 1am and we’re in a bar with probably 10 people in it. The bartender asks if we’re on break and we say yes. He hears what university we’re from and he looked shocked. It turns out that there was a group of 3 girls on the other side of the bar who also went to university with us! We started to talking to them about how cool of a coincidence this was and then we were trying to see if we had any friends in common. One of them is actually best friends with my roommate and the other 2 live in the same dorm as me! They all also lived on the same floor as one of my other very good friends. Small world
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