Our eldest son and his family who live in Oakville near Toronto, Canada were on their way to the Coliseum in Rome where their young son captured a small lizard which was running along a wall. The family passing found this most intriguing and asked permission to take a photograph which they did. Our daughter-in-law was asked if she would like the photograph emailed to her (our son, her husband had just nipped into yet another museum at that moment in time whilst his family were waiting outside) to which my daughter-in-law replied. "Yes please, I will give you my husband’s email address as it will be easier for you to remember" (neither party had a pen). When she proceeded to give his email address with the surname (Fryer), the lady whose husband had taken the photograph said. “We know a family called Fryer”. It transpired they were friends of our youngest son and his family who live in Seattle – their son being a close friend of our grandson who lived in Seattle. Now had our grandson from Canada not captured the lizard, both families would have passed not knowing this connection.
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