Chance Encounter?

I met Tia towards the end of 2011. After quite a few back and forth texts and phone conversations, she invited me over to her place. Very early in our growing friendship and one day while hanging out with her at her place, she asked me to share a story of my travels with her. The story below is of me sharing my story with Tia. Turn's out it wasn't just a story about me, but of Tia and I both. PART 1 I began my story with Tia of my adventures before I joind the army. I was 17/18 and had joined a traveling carnival/midway in Texas. I had got hired on with a friend. Well me and him ended up parting ways with the carnival and hitchhiked from Louisiana and ended up in Ft. Walton Beach Florida. The night we got their it was late, cold and rainy. I got an idea that the church would welcome us and give us shelter. We find one but to my complete shock it was closed. We ended up finding a clothing donation box to sleep in that night. About 3am I was awoken by a man who broke open the box. He asked whats a white guy doing in here. I hit my friend and he jumped up from his sleep. The gentleman then asked Whats a brother and a white guy doing in here? We explained our situation and the gentleman invited us to his home. We stayed there for two days. The homeowner got my buddy a bus ticket to Miami so my friend could go live and take care of his blind aunt. The homeowner said I could stay. I ended up getting a job on a commercial fishing vessel the next day. After returning from my second fishing job I went to this guys home. I opened the front door (which he gave me a key). The lights were on. I closed and locked the door. Took about 5 steps into the living room and the lights went out. Next thing I know someone grabbs me from behind and puts a knife to my throat. I was dragged to a room in the back of the house and when the lights came on, it was the homeowner who grabbed and held me at knifepoint. PART 2 This is where me telling Tia my story gets interesting..... At this point Tia stops me and asked if this guy had a limp. This totally shocked me because yes this guy had a limp. She asked me to continue my story. I told her this guy held me at knifepoint for hours and attempted to rape me. She stops me again and asked me if he lived across the street from a park. Yes he did. She then asked if his sister lived about four houses away. Again I was shocked because his sister did live a few houses away. I couldnt remember this guys name. I looked down to the floor trying to remember his name and when I did, I looked up at Tia and she looked at me at the same time and we both said Mike at the same time. She explained to me that she too was in Ft. Walton Beach years before me and that she stayed at Mikes sober living and he too attempted to rape her at knifepoint. Mike was an nfl hopeful whos sports career was ended due to a knee injury. He became depressed and turned to drugs. Eventually he cleaned up and opened a sobor living facility Tia ended up at. Years later he turned to drugs again and thats the point in his life I met him. Once the shock of this subsided she asked me to continue my story. I then tell her my second time in Florida many years later. I goto Key West. As I didnt know anyone and I didnt like the bar and club scene I found a street preformer that I enjoyed watching so Id sit close by him watching his acts and meeting locals that would come to greet him daily. He recited classical novels and poetry, recite brilliant mathematical equations and he would also do sketches drawings and paintings. As I said this Tia jumped up frantically digging through her dressers. She told me to continue my story and that she was listening. So I told her this street performing artists artwork wasnt for sale. He was very adamant and vocal about this. People would even offer him large ammounts of money for his artwork and hed yell at the top of his lungs What part of my artwork isnt for sale do you people not understand!!! As I said that Tia jumps in front of me with a sketch that I immediately recognize. I asked her wher she got it and she said from an artist at Miami beach for $50. I asked her to give me a moment. I call a buddy of mine who lives in Key West. He answered and I asked him if Lance is selling his artwork. He said no. I asked him if he was sure. Everyone in Key West knew Lance. My buddy asked me to hold on as he spoke to his wife. About a min later I hear his wife and him laugh. He gets back on the phone and tells me his wife had just called Lance and asked him if he's selling his artwork now. He told her no but had only sold one sketch to a very musician chick in Miami for $50 many years ago. I told my buddy....Dude, Im freaking sitting in her livingroom in front of her right now and she is showing me Lances sketch he sold her. Tia and I meeting was no mere 'chance' encounter. And our friendship was pretty much solidified that day. Weven gave one another pet names not log after. I gave her the name 'Hummingbird'. Unfortunately Tia passed away January of this year (2017) I was in a shop and my eyes were pulled to a motivational type notepad that happened to have a hummingbird in its background. At the same moment a gentleman walks by the aisle and turns back to his little daughter and says 'Tia, get over here'! This immediately brought tears to my eyes. Iv a ton more stories. Hope this one may help with you research.
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