Chain of Coincidences

Real story: Coming from work one day, I had two errands to do beto the fore finally hpost offeading home. I had to buy one item at a small store and pick up my mail from my P. O. Box. Both sites were on the same road, the and the intersection to my road was between them. So it would have made sense to stop at the store first as it was on the way to the post office. But since the post office closed first I decided to go there first, just in case. While there I saw a student from the college at which I taught. We talked about financial aid and I mentioned my Mom went to Normal School tuition free. It turned out her Grandmother and my Mother were both residing at the same nursing home at the time. My Church had a service for the residents upcoming and I vowed I'd get an invitation the Grandmother. Both ladies did attend, but that was only the start of the chain. It turns out that Grandmother was the mother of a fellow I was in second grade with, a class taught by my Mother! The student was his niece. It also turned out that Grandmother ate lunch each day with another resident who was from my Church!
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