Cat that shape shifted into an alien

This is a bizarre story. I lived in Mt Eden, Auckland. On 6th January 2012 I had a Life Between Lives regression with Gail Nicholls in Howick in which I saw five of my spiritual guides. There was a sixth Being which was shyly peeping out from between the legs of the other guides. I couldn’t really identify it because it kept ducking behind their legs, but I got the impression that it was a small grey dog or cat. The other guides were easy to identify and my friend who was doing the regression for me suggested I talk to this little Being to find out more about it. Suddenly I had the image of an alien, small and shy like a little boy, and grey coloured. It was a split-second encounter and then the regression moved on to other things. I forgot all about this regression until I decided to get a cat and on 18th August 2012 I went to a rescue centre in Te Atatu. There I found a little grey cat, very timid and shy and I just knew she was the cat for me. I called her Annabelle. On 27th November 2012 Annabelle was sitting on my lap (facing away from me) when Gail phoned. We chatted for some time and then I noticed that Annabelle had shape shifted. Her head had swivelled 180 degrees so that she was now looking directly at me and she was intently focused on our conversation. The shape of her head had become an upside-down triangle. Her nose was in the lower point of the triangle, her cheeks were sucked in and her ears were small and tucked back, and fitted in the top two corners of the triangle. Her eyes were at a diagonal slant, curved and narrow. There was no menace or fear, if anything I felt as if I was in the presence of a highly intelligent, but gentle, Being. I then realised that what I was seeing was the same little Being that had appeared to me during my regression. This hasn’t happened again but someone mentioned to me that when Beings want to make contact with us they sometimes appear in a form that we will recognise eg a cat. Sadly I don’t have Annabelle anymore, I returned to the UK and had to rehome her. I tried to keep in touch with the new owner but she only replied to one email.
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