The case of the black panther banana charger

Another couple of online v TV connections today. I was discussing a passage in the bible which reads 'you will know them by their fruits' which was referring to an image featuring coincidental peaches which looked like human genitals. I had also posted an article from the paper about the movie 'Black Panther' I had cause to particular mention the fruit 'banana' to my friend with respect to the fruit image. As I turned over the page of the paper,it referred to the 'top personal chargers' for personal gadgets. My friend then proceeded to tell me he had been eating a banana,and had dropped his charger in his coffee! At the same time the TV programme "New Tricks" which had already mentioned 'cherry picking' and 'forming patterns' as well as a sideways reference to the female reproduction organ,then went on to mention 'The black panther' murder,as opposed to the superhero I had just posted online.
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