Caravan Holidays.

In the late 1970's my wife and I took our touring caravan to a site in Anglesey for the Easter holiday. A little later that day a couple I knew (Tommy and Joan) who both worked at the same company as me in Stockport, arrived on the site. A little later still on the same day, the managing directors secretary, from where the 3 of us worked, arrived with her husband (Joan and David). A year or 2 later, my wife and I went to a caravan site near Woolacombe in Devon. Who should we spot as we pulled on to the site but Tommy and Joan. They were staying on the same site. Again, a year or 2 later still, we went to a caravan site near Plymouth overlooking Plymouth sound. There was a heavy mist from the sea so we had to be guided to a pitch by the warden. Our view round the site was very restricted. The following morning I went off the site to get a morning paper. On my way back who should I bump into, also going for her paper, but Joan. It turned out that her and her husband Tommy were a few pitches away from us. We didn't see them the previous day because of the mist. On neither of the 3 holidays did any of us have any idea whatsoever where the other couples were going to for their holidays.
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