Car sale

In 1980 (aged 22) I travelled across the USA from East to West with 3 friends in a 2nd hand gold Chevrolet Impala estate car, a journey of 4 and a half months. At the end of the trip, in San Francisco, we sold the car to a group of German lads who were going to travel from West to East. Over a year later we were still travelling abroad (now in Asia - India or Thailand I think) we met another traveller who had also crossed the USA, but had gone from West to East - we did not tell him about our USA trip, but he told us that whilst in the USA he had hitched a ride in a gold Chevrolet estate car that was being driven by a group of German lads who were doing the West-East trip, and who had bought their car in San Francisco. We then realised that it MUST have been the car we had owned and sold to the German guys!!
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