Call centre coincidence

I worked on a help desk in a very busy financial call centre and was one of about sixty staff that took calls from customers, branches and other call centres about ISA's and Bonds. During 2010's busiest time of year (peak season) we were struggling to answer all of the calls often meaning that queues of frustrated customers 300 deep would be waiting for a very long time to talk to an advisor. At this time I remember talking to a Mr Fletcher. He wanted to discuss both his and his wife's accounts but he knew that due to financial regulations I wouldn't be able to talk to him about his wife's accounts unless she was with him and I could ask her some security questions. After i dealt with Mr Fletchers query he told me that his wife was at work and would call sometime that day. The very next call I took was from Mrs Fletcher! This, given that we were over run with calls and of all the advisors she should come through to me straight after I had been talking to her husband to say the least blew my mind. As soon as I found out her name I told her conveying a large amount of excitement that I had just been talking to her husband. Mrs Fletcher was baffled by this as she didn't think her husband had any ISA's. Feeling a bit worried that I had, in my consternation, let slip some confidential information relating to someone else's account I quickly realised after looking at her details that she was an entirely different Mrs Fletcher. This Mrs Fletcher seemed very unimpressed after I had explained how incredibly unusual this was so I buried my amazement and carried on with her entirely unrelated call. So as the saying goes 'what are the chances of that happening'?
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