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While riding in the backseat of my grandparents' car (heading north on Santa Anita Ave in Monrovia, CA) with them in the front and Mom in the back with me, I asked my grandpa why he hadn't gotten my grandma a personalized plate (as that's very popular in CA). He told me no combinations of grandma's name were available from the DMV and I told of having the same experience with the plate I wanted to get - D Link. Just as that conversation ended a car pulled up next to us with the license plate D Link. It was on a gold Nissan 280z with 1984 Olympic commemorative plates. My grandma, in her surprise, rolled down her window and yelled at the man, "You have my grandson's license plate!" I don't remember exactly what brief conversation ensued other than he told us he'd had it for a long time. Considering how many license plates have been issued in California along with the timing of this, synchronicity is the apparent explanation. I think even Jung would concur
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