bumping into friends

Whilst traveling around Brazil me and my friend checked into a hostel in Punte del Este. After a day we met a German guy named Dominic. We got chatting and he had heard that the best way to see the island was to hite a car. So we did. We spent 2 days traveling around exploring the island. We had pre-arranged plans to depart for our next destination so we exchanged the usual facebook details with Dominic and went our seperate ways. We didn't really hear from him again. 6 months later, after we returned to England, a group of me and my friends went down to London for a weekend. As usual we spent the day in pub watching football and at half time during the game i decided to make a phone call some to some of the lads so we could arrange where to meet up later in the day. I decided to go outside to make this call so that i could get some fresh air in the process. Whilst making the phone call Dominic walked past. We hadn't spoke to him since Brazil and it seemed very coinsidental that we were both in London at that time and i had decided to go outside to make the phone call.
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Date submitted:Sun, 12 Feb 2012 22:45:51 +0000Coincidence ID:5985