Brother's girlfriend

When I was first working in London as an 18 year old in 1974 I was invited to the opening of a new "disco" called Anthea's in Carnaby Street. It was very 70's, plush seating, waitresses on roller skates - just the thing to impress a spotty 18 year old like me ! Started to speak to a very glam waitress and commented that her accent sounded really nice - she told me she was from South Africa and her name was Eva and she had only been in the uk for a few months. I mentioned that my older brother lived in Jo'burg. "thats where I lived" said Eva, "where abouts does your brother live"? - I told her ihe lived in Hillbrow, "me to" said Eva. "what is his name, i might have met him"? - I told her it was Tony Randall, her face turned to thunder, she turned on her heels and she disappeared never to be seen again !!!!!!!!!! When I phoned my brother later that week I told him what had happened when I "met" the lovely Eva. He asked me to describe her and then confessed that he and Eva were having a very hot fling and when he "dumped" her she decided to go to the UK. So this poor waitress had fled from South Africa to get over a bust-up with my brother and finds herself being chatted up by his little brother in a nightclub in London !!
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