Bread and Butter Pudding

Wednesday 11 January 2012: [I live and work in Cambridge...] [1] Conversation with guy in Milton Road Co-op this morning: [I bring cheese & onion pasty to checkout] He: "Oooh - not my sort of thing in the morning..." Me: "What do you like for breakfast. A bacon sandwich...." He: "No. SPOTTED DICK" Me: "What!" He: "Well, I used to live at this place where we had spotted dick all the time...." [I leave, thinking "that's a bit weird"] [2] work lunch menu: Swede soup Lancashire hotpot with red cabbage & courgette SPOTTED DICK [3] Today's Guardian crossword: "16a SPOTTED DICK, perhaps - charming!" AAAAARRRRGH! Clearly something is 'going on'. Explain this I dare you.
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