Birth/death patterns and 50 pattern

I was born on my paternal grandma's 50th birthday. She died on the same day (not year) that my husband was born. My mom was born on her maternal grandpas 50th birthday. My son was just a few hours shy of being born on my moms 50th birthday (his grandma). My paternal 6th great grandpa was born April 25, 1736 and my paternal grandpa was born April 25, 1935. My husbands grandpa was born April 25, 1930. And that's not all... my husbands grandpas name was abraham, same name as my paternal 6th great grandpa. February 18th date: (All events happened on my paternal side) My 4th great grandpa (Harvey)'s wife died on 2-18-1900 My brother (who later passed in 2009) was born on 2-18-1986. My cousins daughter was born on 2-18-2009, same year in which my brother would die, 4 months later, 6-6-2009. Something interesting about my brothers death is that I had a very vivid dream a couple weeks before the event. I dreamed that my brother killed my youngest daughter. (I only had 2 kids at that time) in my dream, I wrote him a letter in prison and told him I would forgive him but was cutting all times with him. I told everyone close to me. After my brother died, I quickly recalled the dream. To deal with his death, I decided to have my 3rd child. I wanted to have a boy, to name him after my brother. I had a boy. He was the one who was nearly born on my moms birthday. December 15 (also paternal side): George (Harvey's dad) died on 12-15-1869 Harvey's wife was born on 12-15-1815. Thats the same kind of situation as my grandma dying on my husbands birthday (as mentioned above)... December 24: My maternal great grandpa Leonard (same one who shared a 50th birthday with my mom) died on 12-24-1982. My mom has always told me her grandpa showed up after his death (as a spirit) and told her she would have a healthy baby girl. (I was born 2 years later.) His wife's dad died 12-24-1960. Leonard was 50 years old when his father in law died. 1960 was the same year my mom was born (on Leonard's 50th birthday) Something seems to be special about Leonard. His father in law shared a middle name with my brother Seems to be something special surrounding my brothers death. He was named after my paternal grandmas maiden name. (Same grandma who shared a 50th birthday when I was born) Ironically, my dad was very afraid of water due to a near drowning event when he was a child. My brother (his only son) died from drowning. This is not all the coincidences I have, but i need to cut this post short. Hopefully i can add more later. I'm glad to have found this site. I feel crazy and haven't met anyone who had this many coincidences in their lives. I have a few theories about what's going on, but they are centered around my religious beliefs. I can expound later.
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