Birthday Lovers

I never went to my high school reunion because I thought it was just a launching pad for those that wanted to toot about their accomplishments. I graduated in 1974 and never went to any of them at all. I had to be talked into the what I thought would be the final one in 2014. So reluctantly I went with a friend. I sat in the old school and there was no order or reason for the sitting. I found myself at a table with the friend who convinced me to come. I then found she was interested in talking to everyone except me. So I struck up a converstation with the girl next to me who I thought was someone's wife. Well we started to talk about birthdays and we exchanged birthdays. All of a sudden this stranger was actually a classmate I never knew, she had the exact same birthday, month, day, and year and she sat right next to me. We also found out she had Lasik eye surgery, had the same blood type, our hands were exactly the same size, and we just could what we called were "intuitive" when it came to what we were thinging about, or about to say, or what we meant. We also did things almost on purpose when it was just by chance.
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