biological daughter

I did not get to know my daughter, her mother married and had 2 more kids 200 miles away. I would see her from time to time when passing. I was a friend of the family from london, she was not told I was her natural father. She secretly guessed when I turned up on honeymoon when she was 19. Nearly 2 decades passed, and I wrote to her on november 11th 2003. November 12th 2003 I get a letter from her. Our first letters crossed in the post after 37 years. We have since enjoyed a wonderful relationship, and with my grandchildren and my son in law. Sarah my daughter, while driving, asked me to look for a message on her mobile phone. I had to ask for her password which was a random number, I said that it was the same as mine,and that I use it for my pin number. So do I she replied....we have the same pin number from before we knew each other. There are many other small coincidences which are likely to be genetic
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