The Bindi Baby

In January of 2009 I was in Hampi, India and took a photo of a rock covered in red and yellow dots, a bindi rock I called the imagge. In April I printed the photo poster size and had it matted and framed and wrapped it up and gave it to two friends who had just had a baby. I hadn't seen nor talked with Jon and Leena since I had returned from India a few months earlier. When Jon received the gift he commented this was the biggest of gifts they had received and when he saw the photo he said when Sophie was born she had a red dot on her forehead and he called her for the first eight days of her life, the bindi baby. I'm not sure which category this coincidence matches below. Finding a link with an object? Matching gift with baby? Parallel ideas? My spirit knew in advance what I was going to do with that photo? That sounds more plausible for a new category: 'events your spirit sees in advance and considers meaningful'
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