Best friend coincidence

Susan and I were best friends at school, saw each other at lot socially (we noticed our thoughts/ideas coinciding enough to think we had something special going on). We attended each others wedding (and I moved to a different county) and hadn't seen each other since. Then we each fell pregnant with our first child, and discovered they were both due on the same day: 28th November 1990 - and were born on consecutive days.
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I had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in an operation on 28th January 1994 to end it/save my life, 5 months after discussing a friend's experience with hers. The surgeon came to introduce herself beforehand and she really reminded me of her and (ridiculously) made me feel less anxious, as well as knowing more about the condition from her. The friend I had asked to visit me in hospital the night before the condition was diagnosed (because my husband was away on business) was the cousin of someone who had come in for a planned procedure and I ended up in a ward of 4 with her - i now see her every week. A year to the day of my operation, 28th January 1995 my closest friend lost her unborn baby too with malignant hyper-emesis - she had to have surgery to save her life

My Dad died when I was 28 and my Mum died when I was 42. I discover that my maternal grandfather died when my Mum was 28 and my maternal grandmother died when my Mum was 41/42