From Bargemon to Mill Hill to Eze

I am a painter and author. In 2002 I had an exhibition in Eze on the French Riviera, I had editorial promoting the expo published in an English magazine called New Riviera. The editor suggested I contact someone who was on the same page as me, the gallery owner, Guy Beddington. He lived far from where we were, based in the beautiful village of Bargemon. Unfortunately my work was not suited to his gallery, but as I was leaving he wrote a name on a card. She was a good client of his. I do not want to mention the name, but she lived in a villa in Eze village. Let us call her Mme Smith who lived in Villa Jones. I took the card and months later when I was writing invitations, I looked at this card and thinking it was not a full address, I contacted directory enquiries. There was no Mme Smith at that address. I decided I would send it anyway. Back in London I posted the invitations on a Monday. The following Sunday we went to our friends' daughters' engagement in Mill Hill London. Suddenly there was a scream of surprise from inside the house and someone came out and excitedly took me inside. I was introduced to a French lady . "Hallo" she said "I am the daughter of Mme Jones. We received your invitation on Wednesday." (they had moved form Villa Jones, but Eze being a small village, the postman redirected it)
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